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Blogging for Fun and Profit part 7: Other Means of Promoting Your Blog

Written By: Tracy - Jun• 06•11

I’ve mentioned several types of internet promotion including search engines and social media. Now I would like to mention a few other effective strategies for building a following on your blog.

Blog Search Engines

Consider listing your blog with blog-specific search engines such as Technorati or Blogged. Listing your blog through blog-specific search engines helps people find you faster because it increases your rankings on other search engines such as Google. Lots of other bloggers use Technorati because they are looking for interesting blogs. This is a second way to get your blog posts in front of people who haven’t seen you yet. You also get the chance to be a “featured blog” which also improves your opportunities for exposure.

Blog Directories

Just like with blog search engines, blog directories are lists that help other bloggers find you. Some blogging directories are topic-specific, others are general. Topic-specific blog directories are ones that you are more likely to pick up readers from because they have a specific need that you are filling in their lives. For example, you will pick up more readers to your knitting blog if you actually go where the knitting blog readers are than if you concentrate on general blogs.

Participate in Blogging Events, Be a Guest Blogger and Host others on your Blog.

I am a member of Broad Universe. From time to time, some of its members will hold a blog exchange. This is a chance for me to visit other blogs and post while they do the same to my blog. This helps me to pick up traffic from their followers and vice-versa. Similarly, when I hosted author Cleolinda Jones, who has thousands of followers on Livejournal, my traffic saw a huge jump. Some of those visitors stayed around to see what else I had to say.

Participate in Web Forums

This goes back to the idea of making friends on the internet. Just like in Facebook, forums are places to mix and mingle. People like you more if you aren’t being the “me” monster.

Leverage Offline and Tangential Promotion

Whenever I go to a convention, I put my website address in my program biography. I also put my website address in my biography when I have a nonfiction article published in a magazine, newspaper or online venue. My business cards have the address printed on it. I also have the address in my signature line for e-mail. This is a great way to promote yourself to people who don’t go on the internet that often. I can talk to a friend or family member for unrelated reasons, and if they see that I’m an author, they will check out the website. Once, one of my husband’s business associates Googled his name to check into his work as a programmer and was lead to my books that way.

There are literally hundreds of ways to promote a blog. These are the ones that have worked for me. If you do a search around the web, you will find many more out there.


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