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Author Spotlight — Arinn Dembo, Woman of Many Genres

Arinn Dembo is one of those writers who defies classification. She participated in the Clarion Workshop and shortly made her first sale. since then, Her work has ranged from gaming to fantasy to poetry. Her personal interests and activities are just as wide ranging. She’s been a photographer and an actor in several movies, participated […]

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Monday musing — What’s So Great About a Kindle?

I read something really interesting recently. When Jeff Bezos and amazon set out to develop the kindle, they looked at the iPod. What would it take to make the iPod of books? Several people told Bezos that it couldn’t be done. There were already several eReaders on the market. EBooks have already been out for […]

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Author Spotlight: Sylvia Kelso — Blurring the Lines Between Science Fiction and Fantasy

Sylvia Kelso sets most of her works in either an analogous version of Australia, or using  Australia as an outright setting for her books. This is partially because she’s from a cattle station (ranch) in North Queensland. Her most recent book, Source, is the third book in the Riverworld/Amberlight series. In it Kelso explores feminism […]

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The Broaduniverse Broadpod is Live!

I’m reading the opening to my short story Yumbies of the Carribbean on the latest issue of The Broadpod. July is full of reasons to laugh, from National Cow Appreciation day to Be Nice to New Jersey Week–and even Chocolate Day, so Jody and Broad Universe present a tickling collection of stories bits for our […]

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Monday Musing: Take Time to Think

Author John Maxwell, who is known internationally for his works on leadership, is a big proponent of structured thought. He plans several hours daily in which he can just sit and think in an uninterrupted block of time. Thinking time is productive time. That’s why some people say that they get their best ideas either […]

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A Few Announcements and some Self-Evaluation

As of Yesterday, I’m officially back from my hiatus. Sorry about not posting trip updates. Maybe I’ll do so in the future. I’ll resume normal author spotlights next week. but for today I’ve got a couple of announcements that I need to make. Upcoming Publications:: I’ve had a couple of short stories picked up recently […]

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Monday Musing: Shakeups in the Comics Industry! One Fan Reacts! (A Rant Circa 2001 that remains relevant today)

I was going through a stack of old essays that I wrote in 2000-2001 when I came upon one that I wrote about  the state of comics. Given DC’s announcements this summer about how they are changing everything (again) this seemed relevant. For some background information on where this particular tirade came from: in 2000-2001ish, […]

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Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow Episode 2 is Live

Episode 2 of the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow is live! Show Notes: This episode contains fake commercials. None of the products advertized are even real. Thanks to Laura J. Underwood for providing a reading of her short story Cute Little Nippers. You can find out more about Laura’s various projects at her blog, […]

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