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A Few Announcements and some Self-Evaluation

Written By: Tracy - Jul• 12•11

As of Yesterday, I’m officially back from my hiatus. Sorry about not posting trip updates. Maybe I’ll do so in the future. I’ll resume normal author spotlights next week. but for today I’ve got a couple of announcements that I need to make.

Upcoming Publications::

I’ve had a couple of short stories picked up recently for anthologies.

The Queen of Knaves was picked up for Lee Martindale’s anthology The Ladies of Trade Town.

The Ladies of Trade town is a collection of stories about women who also happen to ply *ahem* the world’s oldest profession. The anthology is not erotica or porn. It’s about men and women, who just happen to have a profession in the service industry.

My short story, The Queen of Knaves, is about an honest courtesan (think a geisha without the sex)  who is taken against her will so that she can solve an attempted murder on her prince regent.

Contributors include Elizabeth Moon (who wrote the introduction), Rob Chilson, Mary A. Turzillo, Jana Oliver, Mark W. Tiedemann, Cecilia Tan, Catherine Lundoff, Melanie Fletcher, Brandie Tarvin, Rebecca McFarland Kyle, Melinda LaFevers, Gloria Oliver, Jim Reader, Merlyn Finn, and the Editor herself.

You can read a review of the anthology here at Adventures Fantastic.  About my story, the reviewer said (most kindly): “I really enjoyed the glimpse of the criminal underworld in “The Queen of Knaves” and hope Ms. Morris returns to this setting and these characters.  Perhaps in a novel? ”

You can buy The Ladies of Trade Town in paperback from Amazon here, or directly from the publisher here.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon was picked up for publication in I Should Have Stayed in Oz.

At the end of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy finds a way to return home. But what exactly is she returning to? Kansas is gray, and the farmhouse was just leveled. In Technicolor Oz, she was admired and respected. In Kansas she is just an orphan taken in by a farmer and his wife to help out with the farm.

The anthology I Should Have Stayed in Oz is about what happens to Dorothy when she gets back to Kansas and realizes that she may have made a mistake.

In my story East of the Sun, West of the Moon, Dorothy has become a geography teacher at a private girls school in Chicago. There she makes friends with the other teachers (Wendy, Susan and Alice). The four girls miss fairyland, but they’re a little afraid to go back because nothing good ever happens to adults that visit fairyland. Then a boy dressed all in green pays Susan a visit — Much to Wendy’s displeasure.

I’ve had the chance to hear readings from several of the other stories. Some of my particular favorites include Sherri Dean’s The Monkey Queen of Oz, and Allison Stein’s But Wait, There’s More.

I should Have Stayed in Oz is not yet released, but it should be available soon from Yard Dog Press.

Brad Sinor and I have had three short “Denis and Betsy”  stories published in the Grantville Gazettes. We are working on a fourth story.  The three that you can currently purchase from the Gazettes are Still Life with Wolves and Canvasses, Portrait of Bees in Spring and A Study in Redheads. You can purchase the stories in eFormat directly from the Gazettes, or download entire issues at Amazon for your kindle.


Due to the financial situation I’m in, I’ve had to resign myself to not going to worldcon this year.  Anyone need to buy a discount membership?

I’ve got one more convention scheduled for this year. That’s Fencon/Deep South Con. It’s usually a good convention. Since it’s hosting Deep South Con, there should be plenty of new faces.

I’ve had the feeling lately that I’m too settled into my convention routine. I don’t want to be too comfortable in my promotion schedule. I’ve had the feeling lately that I am too far inside my comfort zone. I go to the same midsouthwestern conventions and hang out with the same people. I feel the need next year to go somewhere that they don’t know me and try something that I’m not comfortable with. Dragon*Con was good, but I haven’t been back in 2 years. This year I didn’t try to get a membership because I thought I was going to Worldcon. Which turned out to be good, because there would have been a scheduling conflict.

But the whole getting out of your comfort zone/going to new places/not going to Dragon*con thing is frustrating because now the going to worldcon is in the “not doing it” category.

State of the Novels:

I’ve shipped off the Epic Novel of 2011 (Which I’ve decided to call Maiden, Misfit, Crone)  to my first readers. By August I hope to have it in the hands of my final reader and grammarian. But I am starting to research potential agents so that I can send out queries.

And I’ve started working (again) on the next Tranquility book (It Came To Tranquility).  This one will hopefully be done in a couple months. If the publishing industry hasn’t imploded by then. Which is why you should go to Yard Dog Press and buy all of their titles. or to Amazon to buy their eBooks.  I would like to see them do well and continue to put out books (particularly my books 🙂


In the first part of July, I will be reading for the humor broadpod. Then in the second half of august, I’ll be hosting a roundtable discussion in Broadly Speaking on the theme of Steampunk.

Thus far, I’ve also put out two episodes of the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow Podcast. I’ve submitted the podcast to iTunes, and I’m awaiting approval. So hopefully, you’ll be able to hear the roadshow in iTunes soon.

Various and Sundry:

In September I’ll be taking over as co-organizer for the podcasting arm of  Broaduniverse. Broaduniverse currently puts out two podcasts. The Broad Pod is a monthly themed collection of author readings. Broadly Speaking is a themed interview/roundtable format podcast.

Project 365:

Wow! Remember when I was doing this? I sort of took a break from this and never picked it back up again. But I’ve recently gotten approval for submitting my more professional pictures to a couple of stock agencies, so that’s taking up a lot of my creativity photography-wise. I’ll just have to see if I want to get back to this, or if I want to just scrap it and try again next year. 🙁

This Blog:

The Starting a Blog series that I did was pretty successful, but I think I’ve covered most of the important stuff. I’m not sure that I want to dive back into offering writing advice. Mostly because I think I’m suffering from what Mir Lafferty calls “Impostor syndrome.”  Who am I to offer writing advice? Is anyone listening? Do I sound pompous?

Also, I think a lot of what I might cover is already being said by more qualified authors on my Tuesday Author spotlight. But if I did stop the advice on Monday, what would I cover instead? I could review books, but that means reading at a faster rate than I currently read at, and I’m not sure I want to take that on just yet. It’s a real quandary.


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  1. Peter says:

    I understand impostor syndrome. I get the same way when offering artistic advice. 🙂

    • Tracy says:

      I think a lot of people suffer from Impostor syndrome. Which is why I enjoy listening to Mur Lafferty so often. She is very candid about the fact that she feels that way. If someone like her with considerably more success in the field gets imposter syndrome, I know that it’s normal for me to feel that way too.