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The Broaduniverse Broadpod is Live!

Written By: Tracy - Jul• 18•11

I’m reading the opening to my short story Yumbies of the Carribbean on the latest issue of The Broadpod.

July is full of reasons to laugh, from National Cow Appreciation day to Be Nice to New Jersey Week–and even Chocolate Day, so Jody and Broad Universe present a tickling collection of stories bits for our listeners.  Jean Marie Ward teaches an important lesson on the creativity of Sirens, Jaleta Clegg shares a new version of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” Tracy S. Morris relates a Bubba vacation tale in Hawaii, while Justine Graykin introduces us to spies who just want a little job security.

As Jody says, “Grab your favorite cow and some chocolate,” and enjoy this month’s episode of the Broad Pod!

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