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Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow Vol 1, Episode 3: A Very Very Very Special Episode

Written By: Tracy - Aug• 03•11

This episode of the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow is a preview of the upcoming anthology I Should Have Stayed In Oz.


No place like home. Really!

Dorothy is an old woman who keeps digging up her yard looking for her silver slippers.

She is working as a second story woman.

The Kansas girl is an online sex chat operator forced to wear gingham from head to toe to satisfy her twisted clientele.

Dorothy finds herself in the funny farm because she won’t quit insisting Oz is a really, real place.

Her evil doppelganger is trying to destroy all worlds.

Toto has made himself sick eating silver slippers

Dorothy Gale finds herself freeing flying monkies from a freak show…

These are just a few of the stories that make Dorothy wish she’d stayed in Oz.

In this episode:

  • Allison Stein gives us the benefits of the OZ Program in “But Wait, There’s More”
  • Selina Rosen reads from the anthology’s introductory story, “Kansas Sucks!”
  • And finally, Sherri Dean reads from her story “The Monkey Queen of Oz.”

These three stories are a sampling of what is available in I should have stayed in Oz. The anthology will be released in a few months, but you can pre-order right now by going to the Yard Dog Press page


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