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Monday Musing – Avoid Stagnation as a Writer

Written By: Tracy - Aug• 15•11

One of my favorite nonfiction writers is author John Maxwell. Although Maxwell writes and speaks on leadership topics, I find that uch of his advice can be applied to writing (unsurprisingly, success principles are univsal).

Yesterday I listened to a talknthat he gave on the things that cause an organization to stagnate. Maxwell wrote that an organization will stagnate when the leader or it’s members think they know everything they need to know.

Similarly, as a writer, your work can stagnate if you feel that there is nothing more that you can learn from other writers, or if you decide to rest on your laurels.

I have a favorite author who has written over twenty mysteries. I have only really rerad the first eight of these, because I feel that the personal development of the character has stalled. Even people who have read this author’s most recent work have said that the plot seems the same as that of previous books.

Over the years I’ve tried and left about three writer’s groups because I feel that I’ve either outgrown them or haven’t been developmentally in synch with the other writers. This does not mean that I’m a perfect writer (far from it). Instead, I’ve tried to find fellow Authors to trade work with on an individual basis. These authors challenge me as a writer and keep my writing skills sharp.

I hope that when I’m in my nineties, I am still writing, and am still finding critiquers who challenge me as a writer.

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