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How can I write When the Zombie is Eating My Brain?

Written By: Tracy - Aug• 22•11

Not even a zombie, or even born and they eat braaaaains.

Since Hubby and I have been announcing this to the world, I suppose that I can announce this here: We just found out that we’re expecting.

Almost any parent can tell you that having a baby means that life as you know it changes. This means something more when you’re a writer. And while kids come with guidebooks (there are all these ‘what to expect when you’re expecting’ books that are the size of doorstops), Wiley books hasn’t put out a ‘Writing the Next Great American Novel While Growing a Whole Person Inside Your Tummy for Dummies’.

I never thought that the baby would cut into my writing schedule already. But while everyone makes a big deal about morning sickness, almost no one mentions those other side effects. Like the fact that I would get sleepy about 3:00 every day. Forget writing at that time. All I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for an hour or two.

Then there is the fact that this little person the size of the pointed end of my pencil is sucking out all my brains.  And here I thought that zombies were the only ones who did that.  There I am, happily typing away on my next masterpiece, when suddenly I can’t remember a simple word. Conversations around my house are much more interesting now.

Me: Oh, what’s word?

Hubby: What word?

Me: You know: that word for that flat thing.

Hubby: Pizza? Pancake?

Me: Iron!

Hubby: Flat thing?

Me: You know! It makes things flat!

Fortunately, I’ve got a resource in several friends who are female writers and have had kids. Each of them have given me some very good advice.

The best so far seems to be that I can still write the Great American novel. I just don’t need to try to tackle it all at once. Since there are more demands on my time now, I should focus on writing in 30 minute blocks. That way, if I fall asleep at my keyboard, (or once the baby comes, if I need to get up and take care of it) I can still get a little done each day.

That, and keep a book thingy with all the words listed in it nearby.

What do you call those things again?

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  1. That photo is really disturbing. But congrats on the baby. I have a couple of friends with young children. The general consensus is that when the child smiles or laughs, it makes up for a lot of the other trouble they may cause. I might try making a baby of my own in a couple of years. 🙂