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David Farland – Release Postponed

Tuesday, I mentioned that I would have an interview with David Farland Today. Unfortunately, that interview – along with the launch of his novel Nightingale is being postponed. The enhanced eBook app is being held up by Apple. The interview will come when the book launches. More news to come.

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Trisha J. Woolridge: On NaNoWrimo

Normally on Tuesdays I have an interview with an author to talk about the writing process and discuss their upcoming projects. My scheduled interview for Tuesday will actually run this Thursday at the request of the author, David Farland. David will be launching his new book, Nightingale during that time. So please check back on […]

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“It Gets Better!” (But I may not be around to see it.)

When it comes to entertainment, I’m getting sick of hearing statements to the effect of “just give it another chance. It gets better!” Whether we’re talking about a new TV show that takes 6 episodes to get better, a movie that doesn’t really hit its stride until 30 minutes into the film or a comic […]

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Rachel Aaron: How to write 10,000 words a day.

With Nanowrimo coming up, I thought it would be interesting to interview Rachel Aaron. Rachel is the author of The Legend of Eli Monpress, which is published through Orbit Books. In a world where everything has a soul, Eli Monpress is a wizard with an uncanny knack for getting inanimate objects to do what he […]

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Monday Musing: Bobs Your Uncle

I’ve never been great with fictional names. Which is probably why I am happy to let my husband pick out the names for the little passenger that I am carrying around for another five months. I wish there was more to my formula than that. I once heard that when Timothy Zahn named his Star […]

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Faith Van Horne: All Hope Lost

Many times I do interviews with authors of works that I’ve read.  But Faith Van Horne’s novelette All Hope Lost was just released yesterday. In the book, Faith approaches the Cuthulu mythos from a noir perspective. Dana Cay is a skilled private investigator with more than a passing knowledge of insanity. After her brother’s bizarre […]

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The Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow Podcast Vol. 1 Ep. 5: It’s the Great Podcast, Cletus Brown!

October is Halloween month, which means it’s time for a very ghoulish podcast from Yard Dog Press. Like a mad scientist with a tesla coil, I chopped bits of this podcast from recordings taken at Fencon/Deepsouth Con over Memorial Day weekend. Then, I stitched it together and jolted it full of electricity. The resulting podcast […]

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Richard Dansky: Snowbird Gothic Fiction, Computer Games and Living with Another Writer

Richard Danskyis an author with his finger in a lot of pies — or his pen in a lot of manuscripts as the case may be.  In addition to writing the original novel Firefly Rain, he has also collaborated on numerous computer games and has written tie-in novels for White Wolf and other gaming companies. […]

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Attention Comic Book Companies: What Kind of Business are You Running, Here?

It’s an interesting time to be a Super Hero comic book fan. But then again, when is it not? Marvel lost my consistent readership years ago when they canceled most of my favorite X-titles in an effort to streamline the cumbersome number of X-titles out there.  (I bought everything with an X on it for […]

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