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November Broadly Speaking Podcast: Mentors and Teachers in the Heroine’s Journey

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 30•11

From time-to-time, I guest-host the Broaduniverse podcasts. This month, I was the guest host for Broadly Speaking.  The topic for the month was Mentors and Teachers in the Heroine’s Journey.

Come along with Tracy S. Morris and Broaduniverse this month in examining the roles of teachers in fiction.

In traditional fiction, the hero is removed from the classroom to take a journey. From Athena to Obi wan, the hero’s guide along this journey differs from the traditional teacher who stands in front of a class to deliver a lesson.  For this episode of Broadly speaking, we are taking a closer look at the role of the teacher, or the mentor figure in the heroine’s journey, and how that figure is different from the mentor in the hero’s journey. The differences may surprise you.

First up, K.A. Laity, author of  Pelzmantel and other tales of Medieval Magic discusses the definition of the mentor in fiction.

Then MeiLin Miranda, author of the serial An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom talks about mentors when they take on the teacher role in a classroom setting.

Finally, Valarie Estell Frankel, author of From Girl to Goddess: The Heronie’s Journey through Myth and Legend explores the differences between the mentor in the hero’s journey and the heroine’s journey.

You can hear the 30 minute podcast here:

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