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Death Becomes Her: Zoe of the Four Redheads of the Apocalypse

Written By: Tracy - Jan• 25•12

Death (pictured with the other members of the Four Redheads of the Apocalypse) carries a bedazzled scythe that was a gift from her late husband, Orcas (the former death).

Rhonda Eudaly Simpson is one of the four women who writes in the collaborative world of  The Four Redheads of the Apocalypse.  In public appearances, she takes on the persona of Zoe, A.K.A. Death.  Zoe got the job when her husband Orcas, the previous death, ceased to be thanks to an unfortunate ice fishing accident when Ares the horseman of war started a fire to keep warm.

Rhonda dusted off her robes and shined up her scythe to assume Death’s persona for this interview.

You are not a traditional looking Death. What’s with the new look, especially the scythe?

If you’ve noticed, none of the new Horsewomen are “traditional” in any sense of the word. And that’s a good thing. We’ve brought style to the jobs. Let’s face it, robes and hoods are not flattering. At all. Why not go with style? Classic lines and colors – or in Bunny’s case the one color. Our jobs can be really nasty. We should look good doing them. As for the scythe…well, a girl has to have accessories. Even Orcas knew that. He gave it to me as a wedding present. But he was also practical, it’s not just decorative, it’s functional, too.

You inherited your job when Orcas died. How did you two meet and what was your life like before him?

Those stories actually correspond. You see, I came from the 1940s-1950s. I wasn’t a “traditional” girl even then. I joined the USO when I was old enough because I wanted to help out with the Korean War, but didn’t like blood – which kept me from being a nurse. I worked PR and admin for a traveling USO show. When the show started having some bad luck and losing people, I ended up on stage. That’s how I met Orcas. He came to a lot of the shows. He even saved my life once. How can you not fall for someone like that?

You’ve made a decent afterlife as Mrs. Death, and now Death. What’s living in the Afterlife like?

It’s great if you like saunas. Heat is heat – wet or dry, it’s still hot. But being at the Horseman level, I have a decent home. I have it set up, again, in classic but functional furniture. It’s a lot better than what the other minions get, let me tell ya. Those beige, prefab, warren apartments are just depressing.

You’ve been in your role as Death for a while now, do you have any plans for the future we should be aware of?

A scene from the musical Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark. Is this what Death means when she says that she's been branching into the arts lately?

Z: Oh there are always the basics: weather disasters, transportation crashes and the like. I’ve worked a couple of big ones recently. Trains are good for big, splashy numbers. But mostly I’m concentrating on maintaining the job. Though we have been branching out into the arts lately…

 How do you manage all of that? Do you have staff?

Oh, yes. Where Bunny was given the expense account, I have access to a well-oiled minion machine. Well, not LITERALLY. We don’t crank ’em out of a machine… nevermind. I have the Grimm Boys heading up my Reaper/Gathering crew. They keep the minions in line and on schedule. I couldn’t do it without them. And for supply? Well, nothing beats Wreak and Havoc, but I have to share them with the other girls.

So you don’t have to be on site all the time. Are there certain people, maybe certain famous people you collect personally? If so, who’s the most memorable?

Z: Well, this last year has been busy. There’ve been the basic warlords and dictators. Kim Jong-il was an interesting Christmas present. I took no pleasure in collecting SF author, Anne McCaffrey, or artist, Darrell K. Sweet – but I’m fans of their work, so I brought them in personally to have some time to chat. I need to talk to God about maybe getting a new painting for my house…
Going a bit off topic. With the coming elections, who do you support? Republicans or Democrats?

Oh, I’m completely politically neutral. There are no sides when it comes to Death and no fair way to support anyone – so we support everyone. Death is Equal Opportunity.

Death's ideal man must love her dog.

On a personal note, we hear rumors that love may be in the air for the Redheads. Is there any truth to the rumors?

There may be some truth to that. It’s been long enough. Even Death gets lonely. Why not date?

So what does Death look for in a date?

I like the Boy-Next-Door type. The kind that doesn’t mind dogs, long walks by the Lake of Fire, and can appreciate a fine, edged weapon. If he likes to read and has a sense of humor, that’s a bonus.

Is there such a candidate?

Could be. Could be. You’ll just have to wait to find out.


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