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YDP Audio Roadshow Vol 1 Episode 9: Redheads In love!

Written By: Tracy - Feb• 02•12

Yard Dog Press has a couple of new titles out this month, including Zombies at the Alamo by Jean Stuntz, and Bad City, by Selina Rosen and Laura J. Underwood.

February is the month for Love, and the newest title, The Four Redheads of the Apocolypse: Redheads in Love fits the spirit of the month perfectly.

The Four Redheads are back! This time Sara Lee has found a new loophole to help the four of them get out of their contract with Satan.  If each of them get married, their new husbands have to assume the roles of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

But can the Four Redheads handle the dating scene after all these years?  Are they ready to tackle speed dating?  And what about navigating the rocky rapids of online personals? Should they let a friend fix them up?  And who does a minion of hell choose as a wing-man?

Just especially for Valentine’s day, this months’ podcast contains readings from each of the authors of the book.




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