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Illustrators can be a Writer’s Best Friend – Guest Blog from Vonnie Winslow Crist

Most writers do not illustrate their own work. They rely on magazine editors, art directors, and/or the publisher to select the artist who will interpret their words. More often than not, the author won’t see the art to be used with their story or on the cover of their book until after it’s been printed. […]

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Writing From an Alien POV

Today’s Guest Blog comes from Michelle Murrain.  Michelle is a poet and the author of two science fiction novels. She lives in Okland, CA.  You can find her on the web at — For the first time, I have significant portions of a new novel in the point of view of non-human aliens. I’ve written […]

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Better Late Than Never: The YDP Audio Roadshow Vol. 1 Ep. 10

One move down and one baby left to go.  So I think I can be forgiven for being a little late posting this podcast. This episode of the podcast contains the first part of a multi-part story entitled The African Frog by Selina Rosen, as well as readings from Margaret H. Bonham and Susan Satterfield. […]

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Think Like An Archaeologist: World-Building

Today’s guest blog comes courtesy Arinn Dembo. Arinn is a Clarion West alumnus, as well as a developer in the computer gaming industry.n through her writing and game development, she is an extensive world builder. Her best- known work is with the Sword of the Stars universe. You can find out more about her at […]

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An Interview In the Examiner

I was one of the many featured authors for a series in The Examiner on the birthday of Dr. Seuss. The article included a lot of authors talking about how they felt connected to the books, and a slide show of authors with their books. You can read the article that I am in at […]

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Writing With Cats

sorry that this blog is late, the move has taken up quite a bit more time than I thought it would. Today’s guest post is by Justine Graykin. Justine is a writer and free-lance philosopher sustained by her deep, abiding faith in Science and Humanity — well, Science, anyway – and the belief that humor […]

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