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We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

I’ve been trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (responsibly and gradually) with the help of an app that helps me to log the calories that I consume. ┬áThe app has one feature that annoys me: It awards me badges for any little milestone that I achieve. Congratulations Tracy! You successfully lost 10 Pounds! […]

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Menopause and the Single Werewolf: Ten Questions with Catherine Lundoff Author of Silver Moon

Today I had the chance to interview Catherine Lundoff, the author of the new Werewolf novel Silver Moon. Becca Thornton just found out she’s going to celebrate turning 50 by turning into a werewolf. And she’s not the only one. Wolf’s Point has its own Pack, all women of a “certain age,” and they want […]

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Redneck Wizards, Frogs and Menopause Barbie! It must be the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow Vol. 2, Ep. 12

In this episode, I’m a bit confused by the numbering system for the Roadshow Podcast. We’ve been doing this for 12 months. Does that make this Vol. 2, Ep. 12? ┬áThat’s what we’re going with. Today we’ve got the third installment of Selina Rosen’s short serial The African Frog, followed by Julia Mandala’s short story […]

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