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Call the Bearded Lady! It’s the County Fair Edition of the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow!

Late August is the start of County Fair Season. In honor of this, we’ve gone out to our local county fair to bring you the latest edition of the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow. First up, Sherri Dean reads from her fair inspired story – The Monkey Queen of Oz. Then we have part 6 […]

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Held Together with Duct Tape, Bailing Wire and Mommy Spit — It’s the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow Vol. 2 Ep. 14

I dropped the ball on the July edition of the roadshow podcast.  Essentially, I ran out of pre-recorded podcast episodes before I was ready to take up the reins and resume podcasting. To make it up to fans of the show (both of you), I have a very short, sort of battered edition of the […]

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