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We Interrupt Your FenCon Fun to Bring You: The Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 22•12

If you are at Fencon this weekend (as in ZOMIG Right Now!) It’s glaringly obvious that I’m not there (SOB!).  But that just gives me a bit of time to put out Episode 16 of the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow.

This episode of the podcast is a Back to School Episode in honor of the fact that It’s September. In it we have the concluding segment of Selina Rosen’s seven part series The African Frog.

Then, we have two stories about boy wizards and their schooltime antics.  No, not that boy wizard.

First up, Julia Mandala’s redneck character wondered how he was transported to a meadow in high summer, what in tarnation that giant lizard is doing there, and who is the guy in the bathrobe and dunce cap in Redneck Wizard.

Then Beverly Hale’s character wonders which is worse, facing a demon, or his own blind wizard master in The Essence of Stone.

We’ve also got news from the Yard:

  • Yard Dog Press Will be At Fencon, Darkon and Contraception. If you are attending any of these conventions, come by the table and say hello.
  • Rhonda Eudaly Simpson will have a table at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days October 19-21. Rhonda also wants us to know that she also has a short story coming out in the upcoming ebook anthology “Fresh Blood and Old Bones” by Biting Dog Press.
  • Melanie Fletcher just sold a short story to Evernight Publishing for one of their erotic Christmas anthos.
  • Beverly Hale, has a story coming out in What Scares the Boogy Man in October called “Night of the Bettys.”  Bev wants to remind everyone that she’s the instructor for the Kid’s writing workshop at Fencon, and that she has some of her art in the Art Show.  You can also find her work through her Etsy store at Otherwhen Oddities

Bev also on the concom for Octopodicon  October 5-7, 2012 in Oklahoma City.

Do you dream of steam?  If so, come to Octopodicon, a steampunk convention being held in OKC at the Meridian Convention Center.  We will have panels, a masquerade, dance, performances by such performers as Professor Elemental, Dr Grymm of Grymm Laboratories, Montague Jacques Fromage and others.  We have contests for Mad Engineers, for building an Automaton and Airship races.  There are make and take workshops, even a mummy unwrapping.  For more information go


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