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90 Minute Beans

So long story short, family Thanksgiving led to family stomach flu. And out of the three of us, I seem to be the one recovering the slowest. I had enough energy today for short bursts of activity, but more sitting and standing. So I didn’t really do the prep work for the taco soup I […]

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Foodrrdämmerung Sounds More Srs Bsns Than Foodpocalypse

So Thanksgiving happened. A lot. Between divorced parents and in-laws I was pretty busy In the kitchen this year. My job? Sweets and rolls. This year I bought a massive pumpkin for my porch in September. I never got around to carving it and the thing stayed good through November. So I baked it, made […]

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Cookie Crack!

Dear hubby has been on a low-carb diet. Which means that I have been consuming the similar diet with added pasta and bread. Probably not the healthiest thing in the world for me to eat, but since I’m nursing I have a few extra calories to spare. The other day he came home with a […]

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The Staff of Life

My grandma used to call bread “the staff life.” Despite the fact that we lived on a farm in the Ozarks, she liked to take a few shortcuts. By the time I came along, milk, bread, and chicken came from the grocery store. Maybe store bought bread made it easier to have a few slices […]

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Idyllic Fall

Fall this year has been about as perfect as any fall I can remember. We got rain early enough in the season that the leaves turned gradually. Then we had enough warm, nice weather that the colors have lingered. Up here in Northwest Arkansas, the red maples just turned. This is three weeks after the […]

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