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Idyllic Fall

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 04•12

Fall this year has been about as perfect as any fall I can remember. We got rain early enough in the season that the leaves turned gradually. Then we had enough warm, nice weather that the colors have lingered.

Up here in Northwest Arkansas, the red maples just turned. This is three weeks after the leaves hit peak color. I’ve been getting out for nature walks and taking the baby and the camera with me.

Perhaps it’s that I’m a first-time mother, or because we moved to a new area. I already loved this time of year, but everything seems so much more exciting. This year I made a fall ‘bucket list,’ that included everything from making Carmel apples to visiting a corn maze.

And here we are just past Halloween. Despite the glut of trick-or treaters, I have pounds of candy left. I think it might be time to start the thanksgiving baking. After all, I’m not going to eat all those tootsie rolls on my own.

Who’s hungry?




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