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Cookie Crack!

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 15•12

Dear hubby has been on a low-carb diet. Which means that I have been consuming the similar diet with added pasta and bread. Probably not the healthiest thing in the world for me to eat, but since I’m nursing I have a few extra calories to spare.

The other day he came home with a slightly modified Macaroon recipe. Oh. My. Bob. Remember that old slogan about Lays potato chips? One that went: No one can eat just one? That’s pretty much how the macaroon baking is going.

Picture this: two supposed adults who claim to have a modicum of self-control standing around the cookie sheet, snatching cookies as soon as they cool, and stuffing them in their mouths. Each trying to eat faster than the other in order to get more cookies. Our marriage vows did not cover this!

We’ve had to give up on making them, Not only for the sake of happy marriage, but also because our waistlines just can’t handle it.

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