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Foodrrdämmerung Sounds More Srs Bsns Than Foodpocalypse

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 25•12

So Thanksgiving happened. A lot.

Between divorced parents and in-laws I was pretty busy In the kitchen this year. My job? Sweets and rolls.

This year I bought a massive pumpkin for my porch in September. I never got around to carving it and the thing stayed good through November. So I baked it, made purée, strained it and added sugar. It was almost as good as sugar pumpkin purée, and perfect for pies. If you want a good recipe, you can find one here.

I made two of those and an apple with Arkansas Black apples from the fruit stand up the road.

And the yeast roll recipe that I used.

By special request, I also made cream cheese squares, or as my hubby calls them: The Cream Cheese Dessert of Deliciocity. And butterfinger blondies. Although I had to send hubby out for more supplies. And when you do that on Black Friday, the only thing left is the bulk items. I now have a can of shortening the size of my head. Oh we’ll, when the Mayan calendar ticks down and leaves us all in survival mode, I can burn it like a candle.

I can’t say enough good things about time-saving appliances like my stand mixer, blender and the oven setting on my microwave. Being able to cook multiple things at once or throw everything in a bowl to mix or knead and basically walking away to start the next project was a real time saver. If it wasn’t for the pasta roller/cutter on my mixer, i wouldn’t make pasta.

What did people do before they had stuff like that? Oh yeah, they had serfs.

And because I was getting my Martha Stewart on, I made homemade Alfredo and noodles for dinner with the in-laws.

Diet? Not on Thanksgiving. Although a treadmill may be in my future.

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