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So I started another podcast

I just finished out my term as one of the Broaduniverse podcast coordinators. I guess I wasn’t content to rest, because I immediately started up a new podcast with my friend Rosemary Johnson. This one is really low concept.  “Why don’t we podcast some of these lunch conversations we have?”  Thus was born: Lunch on […]

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It’s the Dismembuary Edition of the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow!

We’re only two months late, but it was the holidays. Can you blame us? This edition of the Roadshow has a Funny story from Katherine Eliska Kimbriel that starts out “We were drunk and we had this dynamite.”   The story is entitled “That Exploding Toilet Myth, and is available from Flush Fiction: Stories to be […]

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Ideas that Percolate

I’m watching the Back To The Future Blue Ray today. The original draft for the movie called for the time machine to be a refrigerator, and in one draft the 1.21 gigawatt jolt was supposed to come from a nuclear explosion. A refrigerator and a nuclear explosion. What does this remind you of? Yeah, me […]

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