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Worldcon Day 2 or, Tracy becomes strong in Ribbon Fu

Unlike Dragon*Con, Worldcon is actually quite a bit like most other large regional literary conventions that I’ve been to, but on a much bigger scale. There aren’t as many elaborate costumes, or rage-inducing crowds that keep you from getting anywhere in a hurry (but there isn’t that fun parade, either). The elevator lines are just […]

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In which it is all Hugh Jackman’s fault

I should have slept early last night, but a night without the baby is a night for a movie. We went to see The Wolverine, so if I’m grumpy tonight at Worldcon, it’s all Hugh Jackman’s Fault. Hubby did not grow up reading Wolverine The way I did, so he has no frame of reference […]

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Has it really been that long since I’ve put out a Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow?

It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t put out a YDP audio roadshow since April (and that was a rebroadcast).  But I’ll save the excuses, and get down to business. Last weekend Yard Dog Press was at Glich Con in Bentonville, where the house did very well.  Especially considering that this convention is more anime, […]

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Lunch on Fridays

I’ve just posted the next episode of Lunch on Fridays, in which Rosemary and I discuss Comics, or rather, we talk about why I prefer Marvel, while she likes DC. (And I complain about One More Day, while she talks about the DCNU). Somewhere in there is a segue about why she thinks of Jeff […]

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Doing some basic housekeeping on my website and getting ready for Worldcon (It’s never too soon).  Prepping swag, updating my bibliography, that kind of thing.  Better to do it now, than to be trying to do it the night before (when I have to be in Tulsa to fly at 5 am.   Who am […]

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