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Has it really been that long since I’ve put out a Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow?

Written By: Tracy - Aug• 26•13

It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t put out a YDP audio roadshow since April (and that was a rebroadcast).  But I’ll save the excuses, and get down to business.

Last weekend Yard Dog Press was at Glich Con in Bentonville, where the house did very well.  Especially considering that this convention is more anime, cosplay and gaming focused. We met a few readers, and sold a few books.

Also? During opening ceremonies, I was seated next to DJ Steve Downes, who does the voice for one of the best known characters in the Halo series. And my daughter kept looking over and smiling at him in her cute, toddler way.

That’s right, my daughter was flirting with Master Chief.

At any rate, if you come to Worldcon next week, please come see us at the Yard Dog Press panel from 11:00 to 12:00 on Saturday.  Then come see us in the dealer’s room.  We’ve got several new titles, including our newest release, Lee Killough’s Ancient Enemy.

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