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In which it is all Hugh Jackman’s fault

Written By: Tracy - Aug• 29•13

I should have slept early last night, but a night without the baby is a night for a movie. We went to see The Wolverine, so if I’m grumpy tonight at Worldcon, it’s all Hugh Jackman’s Fault.

Hubby did not grow up reading Wolverine The way I did, so he has no frame of reference for the movie. So this is his “average guy off the street” review of The Wolverine.

“I liked the first one better. You know the Jackie Chan or Steven Segal movies where the whole plot is “that guy on an x?” So you have Jackie Chan in New York, or Steven Segal on a boat? This was like that. Wolverine in Japan.”

A conversation that really happened:
Me: Genetics doesn’t work like that.
Hubby: That’s the point you twigged on? I don’t think genetics works like anything in the movie. What about willing suspension of disbelief?
Me: they asked me to believe one thing too many.

Another conversation that happened:
Me: did you watch the first Karate Kid movie?
Hubby: of course!
Me: which did you like more? That one or the one with Will Smith’s kid?
Hubby: Well, now I have to say the original.
Me: although the newer one was good.
Hubby: of course.
Me: though they should have named it the Kung Fu Kid.

Five and a half hours later, I got up, drove to Tulsa and got on a plane. On the way, I had a belated realization that the one guy in the movie was also on Lost.


They put me next to a door. So if the plane goes down, I’m the one who gets to save everyone.

And now, on my Dallas layover, I’m seeing the sights.


I’ll post more updates as I go.

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