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Worldcon Day 2 or, Tracy becomes strong in Ribbon Fu

Written By: Tracy - Aug• 31•13

Unlike Dragon*Con, Worldcon is actually quite a bit like most other large regional literary conventions that I’ve been to, but on a much bigger scale.

There aren’t as many elaborate costumes, or rage-inducing crowds that keep you from getting anywhere in a hurry (but there isn’t that fun parade, either). The elevator lines are just as long, though.

One thing that caught me off guard is the way people collect ribbons. Some ribbon chains are long enough to look like a Doctor Who scarf.


I collected a few ribbons myself, my favorite being the one from the Kansas City in 2016 WorldCon bid that says: I like pig butts and I cannot lie (a reference to KC BBQ).

Tonight the room parties included the Worldcon bids for 2015, which are a last effort to get attendees to vote for the location.


Orlando is inexpensive, and it has Disney. Spokane seems well organized.


Then there is Helsinki. They seem to have a sense of humor.

We’ll see who wins tomorrow.

Also, I saw the Alamo.


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