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The YDP Audio Roadshow Goes to Worldcon or, Ask Kevin J. Anderson About The Carrot Based Economy

So last weekend was Worldcon, and Yard Dog Press was there. And so was I, which meant, Worldcon Audio Roadshow! During the Yard Dog Press Panel (which was hard to find, as they hid it behind a line of Game of Thrones fans!) Selina explained the story behind a practical joke that she pulled on […]

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Things I wish I’d done at Worldcon

I enjoyed the trip. And it was very productive. But If I could do it over again, I would do a few things differently. Me, living with the pain of regret. Or is it just that I’m sitting on a pile of swords? 1. I would have gone to that panel on getting an agent, […]

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Signs you might have a bad flight

1. You see a bigger name author and think: the plane can’t crash now. No one would care if I’m on it. 2. Your cooler leaks water everywhere. 3. You find out when you sit in a puddle on your seat. 4. Your carry on won’t fit in the overhead bin. 5. Your pilot’s last […]

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Worldcon Day 4 – In Which the shoe fairies are weird.

On Saturday morning, I reached for my glasses, and promptly fumbled them off the bed. I went after them with a flashlight, and found a Bokken. Since I’ve had the room since Thursday, it’s not connected with the Convention. After making sure it’s not my roommates’, I turned it in to the hotel. Immediately, I […]

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Worldcon Day 3, In which there is a lot of walking.

The funny thing about conventions is that I never sleep in as late as I want to. I may not have a panel until 1:00, but I still wake at 9:30. Today there wasn’t a panel at 1:00, there was a SFWA meeting at 10:00. There, stuff happened. (it was a business meeting, what do […]

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