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Existential questions for 500 Alex: Did I happen to FenCon, or did FenCon happento me?

Written By: Tracy - Oct• 07•13

Didn’t see as many people at FenCon as I would’ve liked. And many of them were a fast hibye. That’s because I took Little Miss with me along with hubby and our friend from high school, Josh. (hubby and I went to different high schools, Josh went to both of them.)

FenCon for me was different this year. I didn’t go to room parties, or see people at the bar. Instead I went back to the room when panels were over and crashed with the baby. Then she got up in the middle of the night and kept me up all night (this was fair because hubby wrangled her all day while I was in panels). I still managed to get my 5:2:1 in though.

Interesting highlights of the weekend: hearing Rachel Cane/Roxanne Longstreet-Conrad tell us about the haunted house she lives in and deciding that she has demon squirrels in her attic (this was before FenCon Squares), moderating John Ringo on the “Hard Hobbit To Break panel,” actually having people turn out for my reading, the round robin story in the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow (look for that in the November Podcast) and seeing Teresa Patterson do interpretive dance.

So much more went on, but it all seems like a blur now. I am definitely looking forward to FenCon next year.

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