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Link to Lunch on Fridays

The Lunch on Fridays podcast link to the right of the page now actually takes you to my other podcast (as opposed to a lunch planning blog).  The S is (obviously) very important in the website string.  So if you would like to listen to Lunch on Fridays, you can find it more easily now.

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An Exercise in Spontaneous Writing with the Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow

November is a time for family. Also a time for applying the seat of your pants to the seat of a chair and trying to bang out a novel (a.k.a. National Novel Writing Month).  If you are participating in either, we have all your podcasting needs covered this month at Yard Dog Press. Today’s podcast […]

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The Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow (October Edition): Let’s Try This Again

If you pay attention to this blog at all, you probably know that the October edition of the audio roadshow was completely messed up.  Then it took a week for me to notice it, by which point my backup files of the finished project were gone.  Yeah, I had a massive meltdown. After which I […]

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YDP Audio Roadshow — Is anyone out there?

Just discovered that somehow when I converted the last roadshow to an mp3 format, it wiped out the actual show.  No one has thought to tell me this before now.  And while I gave it a listen to in .wav format, I converted it and put it up without listening to it again. Frankly, I’m […]

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