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Scribbling in scrivener

I had an idea for a new work (novel, novelette, idk). So I’ve spent the last two days setting it out on scrivener. One 1,600 word synopsis, character sketches and background research later, it’s ready for me to start. The problem being that I am already in the middle of one work, with a rewrite […]

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Another One Out

Just sent in my entry for the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest.  This is another good one on the model of the Writer’s of the future.  It’s open to the public, has a blind submission process and no entry fee.  The contest deadline is Feb 1, so if you have a suitable short story (or […]

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I have edits back from my hubby and a friend. By the end of the weekend, I will rewrite/re edit my latest short story and submit it. Right now my biggest problem is that I’m long on ideas and short on time. Ah well, I’ll outline each in Scrivener and hope to get back to […]

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Diana?

Once again, it seems like poor Diana Prince just can’t catch a break. Because once again, a Wonder Woman series is canceled.  The network giving the thumbs-down this time is the CW. The proposed series, Amazon, was to follow the same formula as successful CW hits Smallville and Arrow by telling an origin/coming of age story of a well-known DC Superhero. This […]

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The Personal Narrative

As a writer, I’m fascinated by the human condition. Partially from observing it from the newsroom, and partially from trying to craft realistic, fictional complex characters. Over the years, fandom has been a constant source of curiosity (or rather , fan dumb). I’ve wondered why fans of one ship would harass fans of another just […]

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You’re On Notice, World!

Right up until about a half hour after I found out I was having a girl, I was sure I wanted a boy. (The second child is a boy, but this is not his story.) Everyone says that raising boys is easier. I think they mean that while little girls are cute, they turn into […]

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Conventions in 2014

If you follow my Facebook, you probably already know that I’m due to have a baby in June of this year. What this means for me writing-wise is that I will be attending significantly fewer conventions this year. The good news is that because Little Man is due later in the year than Little Miss […]

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