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I’m The Slayer, Ask Me How!

I decided not to delete my Livejournal account.  It’s not like I’m paying for it anyway, and apparently some people out there read it.  Then again, I never got around to deleting my Myspace account either. But that’s not what I want to write about today.  Instead, file this under “things I really should have […]

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I’m seriously thinking of Deleting my LiveJournal Account

A while back when Kickstarter got hacked, I changed all of my passwords.  It wasn’t smart to have the same password on everything.  Even if it was a random letter and number sequence that I made up in college. The problem is that Livejournal has not allowed me to use the spiffy new password I […]

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Curse You, Jim Hines!

I just had about the shortest MS rejection of my life! I sent a short story in to Unidentified Funny Objects. Within a few hours, it was sent back to me. They liked it. Unfortunately, it’s similar to something Jim Hines is writing for them. *sigh* Oh well, if I’m going to get passed over, […]

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I Am Not Making This Up: James Dean and the Curse of the Little Bastard

This article was originally written for Firefox News.  Since their content seems to be gone I’m republishing it here.  I find it funny that people took this article to be some kind of “proof” of what happened to the car, and for me to be some kind of wannabe James Dean authority.  For the record, […]

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Weird World: Firefox News

A few years back I wrote paranormal articles (or weird stuff in the world that I think is neat) and reviews (which is why I love Joss Whedon, but could care less for his more rabid internet ninja assassins fans) for Firefox News.  At some point that I drifted away from doing that. The other day, someone from across […]

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