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I’m seriously thinking of Deleting my LiveJournal Account

Written By: Tracy - Mar• 21•14

A while back when Kickstarter got hacked, I changed all of my passwords.  It wasn’t smart to have the same password on everything.  Even if it was a random letter and number sequence that I made up in college.

The problem is that Livejournal has not allowed me to use the spiffy new password I generated just for it.  My blog can crosspost from here fine.  But every time I try to log in, I wind up locked out of LJ for hours.  I’m wondering how useful even having a LJ is anymore, given that a lot of people seem to have migrated away in favor of Twitter or Tumblr.

I am usually pretty easy going, and I put up with a lot.  But I feel like LJ is a broken tool these days.


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