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Time flies when you’re changing diapers

Written By: Tracy - Oct• 20•14

Holy bones!  I haven’t updated this blog since . . . June 2?  What have I been doing since then?


Oh yeah, that’s right. I had a baby.

Amazing how that will fill the hours. There are dirty diapers to change, cuddles and kisses to give out.  I’m becoming something of a domestic misfit.  Something that looks like a pintrest mom if you squint.  Only everything I make is really lopsided in that “it’s close enough” kind of way. Do they have a name for those?

And now October is halfway over.  There is so much left to do.  I have to finish my Halloween costume (I’m going as the Charlie Brown version of a ghost. He had a little trouble with the scissors. So did I.)  And I need to go to the pumpkin patch, and watch the Johnny Depp version of Sleepy Hollow.  And rake all the leaves so I can jump into the pile and roll in them over and over again.

Despite my incredibly active social life (ha!), I have actually found time to write, and I have some news.

51AtQTeFzaL._SL250_One of my Celeste Ingram stories is going to be a part of the Vampire-Themed humor anthology Vampire Suck (Alternate Hilarities 2)

The book is available for preorder right now for Kindle. It will be released on October 31 for all your Halloween vampire snarking needs.

If you don’t remember who Celeste Ingram was, she’s the star of several short stories that I’ve written. One of which was in Strip Mauled.  You can read that story on Baen’s Website here, for some idea of what you are in for.

In other news, I’m a featured author today on the website Arkansas Authors.  Please swing by there and check out my interview.



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