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Halloween has sure changed!

Written By: Tracy - Oct• 28•14

This year is The first year that Little Miss is old enough to Trick or Treat. So I’m actually looking at costumes and giving this some thought.

What is up with the whole sexy/sassy costume trend in girls costumes?  Halloween is cold! I would personally choose a costume that is:

A. More creative.

B. Looks good with a coat.

For example, This year I’m going as the Charlie Brown ghost. Yes, I will take pictures.

At any rate, my sister tells me that her oldest  wants to be Wonder Woman this year. Which got me thinking about how costumes have changed.

This was a Wonder Woman costume when I was a kid. image


It’s basically just a plastic printed trash bag and a cheap plastic mask. You can’t even eat with it on. There’s basically a tiny slit where the mouth should go. You couldn’t even get a straw into it. Kids walked around sweating in these costumes because they didn’t breathe(the costumes, not the kids) and wearing the masks as hats unless they were ringing someone’s doorbell and shouting Trick Or Treat.

That’s what I remember about Halloween, cheap candy corn and kid sweat.

Today, this is what a kid’s costume looks like, at least the non sassy version.  image I’m not even sure that “sassy” and Wonder Woman should even be in the same sentence. But I digress again.

This costume is cute, and probably not some kind of safety hazard. You can’t really show it off if you are wearing a coat. But I’m told that most little kids don’t go door-to-door anymore. Instead they go to church sponsored programs.

Anyone other than me see the irony in this with the way some folks have a conniption over happy holidays vs. Merry Christmas? Like maybe some pagan mother’s group somewhere is getting ready to pocket with signs that say “put the Sam back in Samhain?” No? Maybe it’s just the chocolate talking. And here I degrees again.

My point is, kids these days don’t know how good they’ve got it. Now get off my lawn! And take your fancy chocolate bars with you!

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