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Oh Look: Christmas Li-HULK SMASH!

So about three weeks ago, hubby and I went to a bonfire.  On the way home we drove past a house with georgeous Christmas lights. Me:Really?  We haven’t even gone Trick-or-treat yet! Hubby: I think you may have some unreasonable rage about this. Me: TRACY SMASH! Hubby: You see? That right there is what I’m […]

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Santa’s Creepy Little Spy

This sounds like the premise of a horror movie: It watches you when you sleep, and reports back to it’s superiors.  It has a creepy little manequin head, and people aren’t supposed to touch it.  It never moves when you are watching it, but every morning, it’s in a different position. I’m not talking about […]

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I Am Not Making This Up: That Time the French King was Cannibalized

I’ve been known to make up bizarre stories on occasion, but I couldn’t make this one up.  It takes the cake.  Probably the cake that Marie Antoinette wanted the peasants to eat when they ran out of bread. It starts with Louis the XIV.  He’s not the one who got his head cut off.  That […]

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