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Oh Look: Christmas Li-HULK SMASH!

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 25•14

imageSo about three weeks ago, hubby and I went to a bonfire.  On the way home we drove past a house with georgeous Christmas lights.

Me:Really?  We haven’t even gone Trick-or-treat yet!

Hubby: I think you may have some unreasonable rage about this.


Hubby: You see? That right there is what I’m talking about.

In my house, I live by one rule: no Christmas decor before Thanksgiving.  That, and never wearing your pajamas for more than 24 straight hours, but that’s two rules.  And wow, this is turning into a Monty Python sketch.

imageI just find it very odd that the same people who get up in arms when you wish them happy holidays have let Christmas creep up and swallow Thanksgiving (y’know, the holiday when they are supposed to be mindful of their blessings and thankful to whatever higher power they ascribe to).

People should have a war on Christmas.  Only it should be a war on Christmas in July.

I understand how it happens.  Christmas is fun.  It’s got the guy in the big red suit, and the Little Baby Jesus and presents and trees and stockings.  What does Thanksgiving have?  A bunch of guys wearing bibs and hats with buckles, and a silly looking bird.

But it does have The Sexy Pilgrim.  Won’t someone think of him?



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