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Keeping up Promises: My Charlie Brown Ghost, and Shelf Without an Elf

Written By: Tracy - Dec• 16•14

A while back, I promised to post pictures of my Charlie Brown Halloween Ghost. So here it is.


The legs are my daughter’s. She was a pink dragon. I wish I’d taken photos of the process, but here is what I did:

1 I bought a twin sheet from Wal Mart. And I don’t think I’m the only one with the sheet=ghost idea. Because that was the last plain white sheet in the store. People coming into the store after me to get their ‘Ye Olde Tymey Ghost Costume’ we’re having to settle for Ironic Hipster Care Bear Sheets instead (and hey, there’s a band name for you).

2. I bought very thin black knit stretchy fabric. The kind they use for those no-face Halloween masks.

3. I bought black felt and fabric glue. Because I can’t cut or sew in a straight line.

image4. Using a big drinking glass as a guide, I cut circles from all my black fabrics, and eye holes from the sheet. Then I glued the knit fabric over the holes in the sheet. (I tried on the sheet first to figure out where the eye holes should be).

5. I lay the sheet out flat and glued the felt disks on for eyes.

6. Lastly, I sewed the top of the ghost to a ball cap. This helped keep the sheet from shifting and the eyes in place.

And to show that I didn’t forget it’s Christmas time, I also thought I would post what our family decided to do instead of Elf on the Shelf.

It’s an advent calender made of stockings. I can fill each stocking with candy, gifts or slips of paper with fun Christmas activities. I’ll be thinking up things to do all this next year.

Take that, creepy Christmas-themed doll.

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