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I Am Not Making This Up: That Time Washington wore Falsies

Whenever I see portraits of George Washington (and I see them a lot. I live near an American Art musuem.) I’m struck by how his jawline reminds me of my grandmother’s. Like Washington, my grandmother wore false teeth. Despite the name, Washington’s false teeth weren’t actually false. Nor were they wooden (contrary to popular myth). […]

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You’re Welcome

I’ve noticed that the more I’m plugged I to the headlines, the more depressed I feel. The local news station, my Facebook, content aggregators like Flipboard. Reading it all makes one inclined to believe the world is a messed up place. Yet statistically, we live in the most peaceful time ever. So In order to […]

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So This is a Thing

This came in the mail this weekend. My story is the second title in the anthology, right behind the editor’s. He must have liked it. If you want your own Kindle copy, you can get one on Amazon. The title has been out since Halloween.

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