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 More Super Heroes than a DC Reboot 

Midsouthcon is one of the first conventions that I ever went to along with Rockcon in Little Rock.  Rockcon is gone, but Midsouthcon is still going strong.     I’m more familiar with literary conventions in Oklahoma and Texas.  Midsouthcon has quite a bit more competitive, high-caliber costuming.  The hall costumes are amazing and the […]

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They’ve Given Wonder Woman Back Her Pants.  Pop Some Popcorn and Let’s Enjoy the Fanboy Rage.

It looks like Wonder Woman is getting yet another new costume change.   But not everyone is happy about things.  Some comics creators are out there giving us their humble opinions about why the costume dosen’t work for them. First up: J Scott Campbell, who wrote: “I  gotta say, shoulder pads, especially big bulky metal ones […]

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We’ve Lost the Mark Twain of our Time.

My Facebook feed is blowing up with memorials to Terry Pratchett (or Sir PTerry as his fans like to call him.) Unsurprising, since I know a lot of fantasy and scifi authors. Many stories are recycling some of his best quotes. They remind me of things Will Rogers, Mark Twain and Ben Franklin said. I […]

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My Dirt, Let Me Show It To You.

One of my early happy memories is planting potato eyes in the soft dirt of my Grandpa’s garden. Now that I’m no longer on the farm, I love the idea of a garden, but I’m basically lazy. I like to plant things, but I hate weeding. A couple of years ago when I only had […]

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When Life Hands You Snow, Make Snow Ice Cream. Because, mmmmm Snow Ice Cream

At my house, I have five or six cans of sweetened condensed milk in the pantry because last year my addled mommy brain made me get that mixed up with evaporated milk, and buy that instead whenever I made mashed potatoes (as you do). Which ended up working out today when we decided to make […]

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