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Travelogue : Beware the Evil Oil

  This weekend, for Hubby’s birthday we went to Hot Springs for a day out without the kiddos.   I’ve been down to Hot Springs maybe a handful of times in my life.  Hubby lived there for two years while he went to the Arkansas School of Math and Sciences (and the arts) (I like […]

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Just in Time for the Avengers!

This is ironic. My last post was about how I don’t watch much TV, and now here I am blogging about a media tie-in project.  Maybe I shouldn’t have stated that I don’t watch much TV.  Instead I’m selective about what I watch.  Yeah. That’s the ticket. Because Of that sweet, sweet tie in money Avengers coming […]

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A Breakdown of Network Programming: Or, why I don’t watch much TV

I was one of those kids who grew up with a TV on in the house all the time.  So I remember things most people my age don’t, like Carter being president. So it’s a little surprising that I don’t watch TV.  Not much anyway (if you wave a Marvel superhero in front of me, […]

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I Am Not Making This Up: That Time We Misplaced A Founding Father.

Some of the stories around the American Revolution almost have the ring of tall tale legend to them.  One of these was that when John Paul Jones came under fire from the British on the High Seas, they demanded that he surrender. Outmanned and outgunned, he supposedly said: I have not yet begun to fight.  […]

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In Which I Dust Off My Soapbox

Recently it’s been called to my attention that a certain subset of people out there believe that any woman who has had a C-section isn’t a real mother.   Now I’ve generally got a very live-and-let live attitude in life.  If you want to go around believing the world is flat, or you want to […]

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Have We Learned Nothing From Jurassic Park

The other day I read that scientists are putting genes from an extinct woolly mammoth into elephant cells to recreate the long-extinct species.  Because? Science! I guess.  The scientists doing the research say that they hope to expand the territory of existing elephants out of reach of humans so that they don’t go extinct.  Then […]

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