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The ozarks At Large Interview

The interview I conducted with KUAF for Ozarks At Large went live on Wednesday.  I’m happy to report that I managed to sound fairly intelligent.  You can hear the clip on their website. 

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I Get To Be Scholarly All Over The Radio

Sometimes in the name of promoting my work, I get to do really cool things. Including talking about stuff I love.  Because I wrote an essay for The Comics of Joss Whedon, I went on my local NPR affiliate, Ozarks At Large to talk about Avengers.  Part of the discussion veered into the history of […]

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A Message From the Founder of Mother’s Day: Stop Celebrating Mother’s Day

   You have to feel sorry for Anna Jarvis.  All she wanted to do was honor her mother.  Instead she ended up creating her worst nightmare.  Like all of us, Anna had a mom, and her mother had big ideas.  Anna’s mother, Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis believed that mothers had the power to make the […]

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