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I Get To Be Scholarly All Over The Radio

Written By: Tracy - May• 12•15

Talking about these guys.

Sometimes in the name of promoting my work, I get to do really cool things. Including talking about stuff I love. 

Because I wrote an essay for The Comics of Joss Whedon, I went on my local NPR affiliate, Ozarks At Large to talk about Avengers. 

Part of the discussion veered into the history of comics, in which I pointed out that comics weren’t always as squeaky clean as we thought they were.  Before the Comics Code, comic books grew out of pulp fiction.  superman had roots in John Carter of Mars.  Batman has more than a passing resemblance to The Shadow (albeit without guns and with pointy ears instead of a fedora).  It was great to delve into some of the material that I touch on in my essay. 

My only moment of drain brammage was when Kyle Kellams asked me about my other recent work.  I was able to talk about Alternate Hilarities:Vampires Suck.  But because he asked me about recent work, I completely blanked on mentioning that I have a book series out!  So yeah, I meant to menton Tranquility, and completely forgot about it.  

If you want to hear my interview, it will be out tomorrow (Wednesday) on Ozarks at Large at Noon and 7:00 P.M.


Eta: due to the multiple elections in the area, my story got pushed out.  Actual news does that from time to time.  But it should air sometime soon.  I’ll post the time when I Know it. 

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