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Weekend at the Movies

So this is going around: Looks like I’m teaming up with a raptor trainer, Ant Man and Super Why. (Thanks to watching TV with a three year old.)  I think I might just live.  — I spent this weekend with Hubby at a business conference.  Because the kids weren’t with us, we slept a lot […]

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A nice review

Sherri Dean made me aware that The Wonderful Blog of Oz has been reviewing each short story from I Should Have Stayed in Oz Yard Dog Press’s Wizard of Oz themed anthology.  The website seems to cover all media related to the OZ books.  They posted a review to my short story, East of the Sun, West […]

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If you ever go to one convention, let it be SoonerCon

The last weekend of June, I was honored to be a guest at SoonerCon.  I say honored, because over the past few years, I’ve seen it grow from an enjoyable literary and gaming convention to a convention that manages to bridge the gap between old fandom and new without making anyone feel left out.  The […]

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More People Die From Hippos Than Shark Attacks

Now that Little Miss is old enough to play board games, Hubby and I thought about buying some of the classic games we liked when we were kids. Just one problem. Since we were kids, the games have been updated. Take Hungry Hungry Hippos, for instance. It used to be a simple game of eating […]

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