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My ConDFW schedule

Written By: Tracy - Feb• 01•16

I’ll be at ConDFW the weekend of February 12-14.  This is the first convention that I’ve done in a long time independently of my publisher.  So I’m learning how to convention anew. 

This year my panels are all on Saturday.  My  schedule is as follows:


Creating your Fantasy Hero (programming 2. Madison). 

How do you build the perfect hero for your fantasy world. 


reading alongside Melanie Fletcher 2:00 (Adams)


Where do heroes go to die? (Programming 3. Hamilton (the musical?)

How do you write old heroes?


Autographs along with Scott A. Cupp
Since my programming schedule is light the year, I may have more time to be out and about to say hello and talk to folks.  At any rate, I look forward to Seeing everyone. 

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