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French food (that was sort of Italianish.)

Back between my last big breakup and when I met Hubby, I watched this unlikely romance. (Kevin Kline as a scuzzy French thief with a pornstache?  How is that romantic?) But something about the plot spoke to me and it became my favorite romantic comedy. Meg Ryan is Kate, a woman engaged to Charlie the Doctor. […]

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Would You Rather Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Or Groundhog Day?

The James Bond date night was such a success, that Hubby ran to the gift box on February first to retrieve his gift. For February, I could have gone with a romantic date and not been out of line.  There are a huge number of romantic comedies out there, and we have our favorites.  But […]

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Let’s Talk About the Bad Fairy

  I’m listening to my kids read Sleeping Beauty (or listening to their book read to them, since technically they are 4 and 1 1/2. But eh. Semantics. Whatevs.). It strikes me as very short sighted that the bad fairy is the one you forget to invite to a baby shower.  Forget a good fairy, what’s […]

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