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Let’s Talk About the Bad Fairy

Written By: Tracy - Apr• 11•16

  I’m listening to my kids read Sleeping Beauty (or listening to their book read to them, since technically they are 4 and 1 1/2. But eh. Semantics. Whatevs.). It strikes me as very short sighted that the bad fairy is the one you forget to invite to a baby shower. 

Forget a good fairy, what’s she going to do?  Not give your kid “lips that shame the red, red rose?”  But the bad fairy gets forgotten, and it’s death by spinning wheel.  

Then again, what kind of present would an invited bad fairy give to a baby? Could you imagine that baby shower?  There are all the good and bad fairies standing around making awkward conversation, then it comes time to give out the gifts and the good fairies are handing out beauty, goodness, singing ability, little furry animal friends.  And just for giggles the bad fairy might hand out brains, independence and and the ability to spot logical fallacies in any arguement.  You know, things no medieval monarch wants in his daughter of marriageable age.

So maybe it’s not so short sighted that they left the bad fairy off the guest list.  Maybe they hoped she just wouldn’t hear about it and show up.

Then again, maybe she wasn’t a bad fairy.  Maybe she was just a normal fairy until she started handing out curses and other gifts that the king and queen clearly didn’t register for and can’t return to Buy Buy Baby. 

I mean, it’s very easy to say she is a bad fairy after the fact.  Just look at her behavior! Handing out curses.  Clearly she must’ve been a bad fairy all along. 

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