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Would You Rather Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Or Groundhog Day?

Written By: Tracy - Apr• 21•16

The James Bond date night was such a success, that Hubby ran to the gift box on February first to retrieve his gift. For February, I could have gone with a romantic date and not been out of line.  There are a huge number of romantic comedies out there, and we have our favorites. 

But why?  Everyone else on the planet is doing romantic couple-y things in February. Instead, I opted for something different.

Now, there are a lot of holidays in February.  So I had a lot of options:

Lincoln’s or Washington’s Birthday, President’s day –  There are a ton of really good presidential themed movies, tv shows and documentaries that hubby and I love.  The recent Lincoln movie, the less recent John Adams documentary, even the tv show Turn. Heck, for fun I could have chosen National Treasure.  But I decided to have a whole lot of fun, and chose the other well-known holiday:

Groundhog Day

Hubby and I both love the Bill Murray movie.  That movie is probably the reason many other people think fondly of the holiday, too.

In the movie, Bill Murray’s character repeats the same day over and over again (estimates range from 10-30 years worth of days) until he experiences enough character growth that he has a truly perfect day, and breaks the cycle. 

He spends part of many of those days in the local diner, pigging out on breakfast, because he no longer has to worry about calories or cholesterol. 

So for our second dinner and a movie date, we had breakfast for dinner.

Again, Hubby wanted to tweak the menu.  (It’s his gift, so sure.). Ever since we had banana pancakes with coconut syrup on our honeymoon, he’s loved them.  To the point that I found a recipe to make the syrup myself.  And he wanted to add blueberry muffins. Again a favorite.

And because I wanted something for myself, cinnamon rolls from a can. 

So if you want a good coconut syrup recipe, I recommend  this one here.

And this banana pancake recipe, which makes great regular pancakes if you leave out the banana. 

Since dinner was so kid-friendly, we involved the kids in the food (but sent them to bed before the movie).


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