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I Am Not Making This Up: Stull Cemetery: The Devil’s Playground? Er . . . Maybe Not.

Let’s say for the sake of argument, Satan got married. (Personally, I always thought of Old Scratch as a harem-type of guy, but I suppose it could happen.)

And let’s also say that The Darkness family (as in Prince Of) had a child. But unlike his more famous half-brother, The Jersey Devil, little Lucifer Jr. and mom didn’t survive the delivery.

The question is, where would The Devil bury his family? (Assuming he cared.) According to several generations of Kansas University college students, that place would be Stull cemetery.

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I Am Not Making This Up: When Animals Attack! 18th Century Style

It sounds like the premise of a bad Fox Network Special: A large creature springs out of the woods, attacking local farmers before melting back into the underbrush, disappearing until its next attack.

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I Am Not Making This Up: Never Argue With a Mortician. They’ll Always Get the Last Word.

This is a ghost story. Kind of. It’s also a cautionary tale: be careful who you argue with in life, because the results can come back to haunt you.

Our story starts in Ironton, Ohio, with a dead doctor, missing organs, a murder investigation, and a shifty undertaker.

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I Am Not Making This Up: That time Vikings invaded Oklahoma

It sounds a little bit like the plot of a Hollywood movie starring Antonio Bandaras. But residents of Heavener maintain that around 900 A.D, Vikings paddled their longships down the Eastern Seaboard, around the tip of Florida, through the Gulf of Mexico, up the Mississippi and Arkansas rivers and then traveled overland into Eastern Oklahoma – where they put up a billboard.

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