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I Am Not Making This Up: One Eyed Willie Couldn’t Have Hid It Better! the Oak Island Money Pit.

Imagine going for a walk and finding a mystery that would endure for over two centuries. According to legend, this is what happened to teenager Daniel McGinnis in 1795. What would follow would be a 200 year long odyssey for buried treasure that would make The Goonies look sophisticated.

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I Am Not Making This Up: At The Crescent Hotel Guests Checked In But They Didn’t Check Out

There are a lot of places that claim to be the most haunted in America, but only the Crescent hotel has the pedigree to back up that claim. The building has been a Victorian-era resort, a private school, a sanatorium straight out of a horror movie, a women’s college and more recently, a movie star thanks to numerous documentaries including an episode of Ghost Hunters.

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A New Story In Crimson Streets, and my Soonercon Schedule

My short story, The Hobos, The Devil and James Dean’s Car has been published in the pulp magazine Crimson Streets.

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I Am Not Making This Up: Ep. 1 That Time Wallpaper Killed Napoleon

During the Industrial Revolution, nearly everything could kill you. You could catch the flu from your big, drafty manor house, catch illness from your unpasteurized milk, or poison yourself wearing an arsenic green silk dress..

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