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I’ll be at Glichcon this weekend

So Glichcon is this weekend in Springdale, and I’ll be in attendance. My scheduled panels are: 1:00 Saturday – story storm 2:00 Saturday – dos and fonts of panting and plotting But Glichcon tends to have a very open paneling system in that I’m allowed to sit in on any other panel I want.  So […]

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What’s Cookin’?

  So I haven’t blogged about the dinner and a movie date night.  Mainly because I haven’t done anything as spectacular as the Beef Wellington James Bond date.  But for the sake of completion, I’ll talk a bit about the last couple of dates.  In May Hubby and I watched Casablanca (Here’s Dining With You, […]

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I Am Not Making This Up: 5 Women Who Were More Awesome Than You

Despite what Alannis said, irony is not like rain on your wedding day.  But irony just might be all those guys on the internet who claim that women ruin everything. Especially when “everything” happens to be things that were invented or shaped by the rest of us cooties-having women. (Google “women ruin” to get an […]

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I Am Not Making This Up: The RMS Queen Mary. Yet Another “The Most Haunted Place On Earth.”

She’s a war hero and a celebrity. She’s been the subject of books and the star of both TV and movies. Some people say that she’s a haunted lady.

She’s also a boat.

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I Am Not Making This Up: Ep. 2 The Curse of the Little Bastard

My short story, The Hobos, The Devil and James Dean’s Car is featured over at the pulp magazine Crimson Streets. You can read it here. In honor of the publication, I’m podcasting an abridged version of the article that inspired the story.  If you’d like to read the longer article, you can do so here. […]

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