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I’m Not Making This Up – Do A Good Deed, Find Your Father’s Body Snatchers

Poor John Scott Harrison. You would think that being a State Representative, son of a President and father of another President would get you some respect. Or at least keep grave robbers away. Unfortunately, in Harrison’s case, you’d be wrong.

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I Am Not Making This Up – The Pirate Queen Of Denmark

What do you do if you’re a Scandinavian princess, locked in a tower and guarded by snakes? What do you do when your royal parents give your hand to a prince against your wishes?

If you’re princess Awilda, you get your best girlfriends to rescue you and you run away to become pirates.

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There’s Always Room For Pizza

Hubby and I love Chicago style pizza.  Like, if he hadn’t married me, he might consider popping a knee to a deep dish pie.  So when I planned July’s date night – A showing of Mystic Pizza, and a couple pizzas of his choice, Chicago style deep dish was going on the menu. Now what […]

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I Am Not Making This Up: That Failboaty Third Olympics

Awful Olympic shenanigans (totally the name of my next cover band: Tracy and the Awful Olympic Shenanigans) aren’t reserved for the 21st century. Way back in 1904, the Olympics were pretty wonky.

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Wander Over Yonder!

Wander Radio Productions, a variety show podcast has asked to re-air the I’m Not Making This Up Podcast as a segment on their show.   Their podcast is a reboot of an older show, so hopefully it’ll have a bit of a ready-made audience.  The show is a variety radio show format, with short episodes […]

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I’m On Stitcher Now!

The I’m Not Making This Up Podcast is on Stitcher in addition to iTunes.  So if that’s your preferred means of Podcast delivery, you can get my podcast there.  And if you like it, leave a review.  That’s how I get love from the podcast overlords and find new listeners. The link is here. And […]

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I Am Not Making This Up: Ep. 3 That Time Someone Caught a Shark In Illinois

Herbert Cope and his fishing partner Dudge Collins knew they had a big catch in their fishing trap.  Maybe some kind of Muskie or Catfish.  But when they hauled it in, they never expected a 5 foot long shark. They were after all, in Illinois.  Research links: Sharks In Illinois The Strangest Shark Story Ever

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