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My Archon Schedule

I’ll be at Archon 40 in St. Louis this weekend. This is my last planned appearance of the year.    My schedule is as follows: Friday  1:00 world building (I’m Moderating!) 4:00 author reading  7:00 the ethics of superpowers   8:00 Original Marvel TV (Moderating again!) 9:00 Yard Dog Press Traveling Roadshow   Saturday 12:00 Our […]

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I’m Not Making This Up – How Do You Solve A Problem Like Mad King Ludwig?

You have to admire Mad King Ludwig. Unlike other mad royals (Jonna of Castile, for one) Ludwig aggressively owned his crazy. Or did he?

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I Am Not Making This Up – Santa Anna Was A Leg Man

Most know General Antonio López de Santa Anna as the man who ordered the slaughter of Texas Defenders (including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie) at the Battle of the Alamo, lost at the battle of San Jacinto, served as president of Mexico 11 times, and eventually became known as “the Napoleon of the West.”

But less well known, is Santa Anna’s obsession with his own leg.

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I Am Not Making This Up: Ep. 4 The Most Bonkers Race in Olympic History

Next time someone mentions the plight of the Olympic athlete, remember that it’s not that bad. They could be forced to run a marathon through a cloud of dust while wearing cutoff shorts, having cramps & being chased by dogs while their trainers try to poison them.

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